Neue Version SCOM SQL Management Pack

Seit langer Zeit hat Microsoft eine neue Version des SQL Management Packs inklusive der Dashboards freigegeben. Die Liste der Anpassungen und Verbesserungen ist entsprechend lang:


•Created a group for WOW64 SQL Server instances and disabled launching some workflows for these instances
•Added MP version line into MP’s events generated by scripts
•Fixed display strings and Knowledge Base articles
•Fixed: some scripts do not return data when one of few installed instances is stopped
•Fixed: SPN configuration monitor uses stale data
•Fixed: Mirroring monitoring scripts fail when instance is stopped
•Fixed Always On Database replica discovery incorrect behavior; fixed Always On policies discovery and monitoring
•Fixed Database policies discovery and monitoring
•Fixed and optimized CPU Usage monitoring scripts (the issue appeared when only one core was assigned)
•Added support for more than 32 processors count in CPU Usage monitoring.
•SQLPS module is now used for the tasks instead of deprecated SQLPS.EXE
•Implemented FILESTREAM filegroup monitoring
•Multiple Ports are now supported in SQL Server TCP/IP parameters
•Fixed error occurring when no port is specified in SQL Server TCP/IP parameters
•Fixed filegroup read-only state discovery
•Fixed RunAs profiles mapping for some workflows
•Implemented support for TLS 1.2 in connection logic
•Implemented support for different client drivers in connection logic
•Updated connection logic error logging
•Added RunAs profiles for mirroring monitors, fixed mirroring discovery issues
•Fixed issue: CPU usage monitor ignored SQL server limitations on CPU core count
•Fixed display strings and Knowledge Base articles
•Fixed error reporting in the scripts
•Fixed intermittent “Cannot login to database” alert with some rules
•Added support for SQL Express Instances
•Updated Knowledge Base articles
•Microsoft SQL Server 2012 x86 on Windows 2008 R2: fixed the issue when DB filegroups cannot be discovered
•Win10 support: fixed “Cannot bind argument to parameter ‘Path’ because it is an empty string.” issue
•Fixed issue when SQL Configuration Manager starts snap-in of wrong version
•Fixed invalid Always On non-readable replica detection

SQL MP Dashboards:

•Added a feature to Bulk Add tiles from the class definition.
•Added a feature to ignore some states while calculating the worst state for the Datacenter View State Tile; added a feature to set this ignorance up for each group
•Added a feature to show/hide Instance path in the list on the Instance view
•Added instance path to the Instance Details
•Implemented deferred loading of the instance tiles to make the instance view operation faster
•Implemented a new format for Dashboards configuration providing a smaller size and a single binding
•Implemented a converter from old to new format providing preservation of user changes
•Improved error reporting
•Improved performance of initial load process
•Improved data sources performance
•Improved performance of instance selection (made it asynchronous)
•Improved performance of Datacenter and Instance View Tiles, loading and loaded animations
•Fixed animation issues and minor visual glitches (positioning, size of elements, fonts, main loading animation)
•Updated Summary dashboard
•Fixed animation, styles and display issues
•Updated Path search and display
•Added removal of unused elements
•Fixed filter and search issues
•Fixed “Show/Hide Path” button in Silverlight
•Implemented a deferred loader
•Improved drilldown process
•Fixed group adding process
•Fixed HighLight; simplified tile adding process
•Added support for SQL Server Replication 2016 MP objects in Summary dashboard
•Fixed The client has been disconnected from the server. Please call ManagementGroup.Reconnect() to reestablish the connection exception.
•Replaced 999+ presentation with a new one (26.2k)
•Added configurable rule to pre-aggregate data in the DW (see the corresponding Known Issue)
•Added second row in the instance view to show Path of the object, and allow searching by Path.
•Fixed tooltip presentation on the Instance view
•Known issues and Troubleshooting section of the guide is updated

Um das Laden der Dashoards zu beschleunigen (was definitiv eine gute Idee ist), kann man die beiden folgenden SQL Statementents regelmäßig gegen die Datawarehouse Datenbank ausführen lassen:

EXECUTE [sdk].[Microsoft_SQLServer_Visualization_Library_UpdateLastValues]
EXECUTE [sdk].[Microsoft_SQLServer_Visualization_Library_UpdateHierarchy]

Weitere Details dazu sind hier zu finden: SCOM: SQL Dashboards workaround for slow performanc

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