Microsoft System Center 2019 Update Rollup 3

Microsoft hat das dritte Update Rollup für System Center 2019 veröffentlicht.

Hier die Links auf die einzelnen Komponenten:

Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) -> KB5001202
Operations Manager (SCOM) -> KB4594078
Orchestrator -> KB4599686
Service Manager (SCSM) -> Kein Update
Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) -> KB4599687

Kevin Holmann beschreibt hier, wie das Rollup eingespielt werden sollte.

Neuerungen für den Operations Manager sind:

  • SCOM UI scaling issues for high resolution displays have been fixed to work seamlessly.
  • Some IPv4 resources were being discovered as IPv6 in a cluster where both resources co-existed. This logic has been fixed to make sure that IPv4 resources are no longer discovered as IPv6.
  • Fixed the issue of the UR2 setup stalling at the “Removing backup files” stage. The task wait time threshold has been set to 30 mins. We recommend that you have Service Broker always enabled for smooth functioning of Operations Manager.
  • The assumption to have provider element be the first reference in the connection string hw removed in the OleDB module.
  • Fixed the combo box-related text issue regarding the domain of a new RunAs account getting incorrectly changed. This issue occurred when you created a new RunAs Account in the SCOM console for an account that belongs to an untrusted domain. The fix makes sure that the domain of the newly created RunAs Account remains the one that was initially specified during the account creation.
  • Fixed the “invalid class” error that occurred when you added a subscriber by having user details that exceeded 1,024 attributes.
  • Daily aggregation of reports now takes date and time into consideration to ensure that time period calculation is accurate.
  • Fixed the monitoring agent-related issue that affected formatted strings. These are now read from the provider DLLs to show a localized string.
  • Fixed an issue in which the monitor erroneously turns critical because of the URL module incorrectly parsing the charset header value.

Auch für die Webkonsole wurde einige Punkte bereinigt:

  • The security issue regarding reverse tab nabbing has been fixed in the Operations Manager web console.
  • Fixed the filter issue that occurred when a state view was created in “My Workspace” in the web console.
  • Global search option for Metrics section of Performance Widget in the Web Console is fixed.

Zusätzliche Fehlerbehebungen:

  • Updating Management Groups with a shared Data Warehouse to UR2 sometimes caused issues that affected reports deployment. This is now fixed by restricting Installation of sealed MP by using the same version in the Data Warehouse.
  • Migrated SSL Admin certificates to Microsoft PKI – Pinning Thread for Agents.
  • Fixed the issue that occurs when the UR2 SQL patch is run again on a previously patched database.
  • Fixed the deadlock issues that occur when SCOM agents are put into maintenance mode by using SCOM API with parallelism. The fix involves adding indexes and updating the SQL queries.
  • Performance improvement of the DB function fn_ManagedEntityLifetimeDependency.
  • Updated the scoping logic that’s used in some State View queries and Console Cache Refresh queries for performance improvement.
  • Added “Recompile” flag for sprocs “p_SelectForTypeCache” and “p_SelectForNewTypeCache” for SCOM perf improvement.

Im Linux/Unix Umfeld:

  • Fixed the issue that affected SSH call failure that, in turn, caused memory corruption.
  • Fixed a thread race condition that was causing Linux script-based monitoring failures because of child process that didn’t start.
  • Fixed an infinite loop condition that was causing the “100 percent CPU”-related issue.
  • Fixed the MonitoringHost.exe process crashes on the Management Servers that run the Unix/Linux workflows.
  • Fixed the memory leak that occurs inside the WsMan modules when UseMIAPI is enabled abd uses workflows that have SplitItems set to TRUE for the EnumerateAsWA WriteAction.

Es zeigt sich, dass das SCOM Team nach wie vor am Produkt arbeitet.

Dies ist mein letzter Blog Eintrag auf dieser Seite. Ich werde die VAS Value Added Solutions zum 30.04.2021 verlassen und mich der Orange Networks anschließen.

Ich wünsche der VAS für die Zukunft alles Gute !

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