Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Update Rollup 11

Das elfte Update Rollup für System Center 2012 R2 ist erschienen.

Hier die Links auf die einzelnen folgende Komponenten:

  • Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) -> KB3162908
  • Operations Manager (SCOM) -> KB3183990
  • Operations Manager – UNIX und Linux Monitoring -> Download Linux/Unix MP
  • Orchestrator -> kein Update
  • Service Manager (SCSM) -> kein Update
  • Service Provider Foundation -> KB3184834
  • Service Reporting -> kein Update
  • Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) -> KB3184831
  • Windows Azure Pack (WAP) -> kein Update
  • Windows Azure Pack Web Sites Version -> KB3174243

Eine Übersicht dieses Updates ist unter folgenden KB-Artikel KB3184867 verfügbar.

Fixes für den Operations Manager

  • Network discovery fails because of monitoring host crash if no paging file is set on the operating system
  • Backport PuTTY 0.64 and 0.66 updates from 2016 release
  • Update Register-SCAdvisor cmdlet for WEU workspaces
  • ACS eventschema.xml has incorrect parameter mappings for multiple audit events
  • Memory leak when monitoring network devices by using SNMPv3
  • Web Console user can view datawarehouse performance or SLA widget data outside of their scoped dashboard views
  • Downtime duration doesn’t take business hour into consideration
  • Cisco 3172 PQ network device certification issues
  • Adding SCOM assessment links in the Operations Management Suite view in the SCOM console
  • SQL Server Seed relationship with a server that is running Windows
  • Alert subscriptions are not always fired for 3 state monitors
  • When you connect SCOM to OMS, Availability monitors health state of some management servers changes to Warning state
  • RunAs Account password expiration does not work with Active directory Password Settings Objects that breaks the validation of LOCAL User Accounts
  • MPB Entries in Catalog database for the VersionIndependentGuid column is updated
  • If the first try of importing MPB failed then re-importing the MPB was not possible until the SCOM console is closed and reopened
  • Change of the displayname field for a group in a sealed or unsealed management pack

Issues that are fixed in the UNIX and Linux management packs:

  • New Linux operating system versions supported Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS (x86 and x64) is now supported in System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager.
  • During UNIX/Linux computer discovery, the script is run with sudo elevation if a sudo-enabled user is selected for Discovery. This update prevents the script from being run with sudo elevation and does not have to be authorized in the /etc/sudoers folder.
  • Scripts executed by the ExecuteScript method in Management P
  • UNIX or Linux computers together with sshd versions that implement the Key Exchange Algorithms described in RFC 4419, such as Ubuntu 15.10, cannot be discovered with the Discovery Wizard.
  • Network statistics collected on AIX servers are reset when another tool such as NetStat is also used.
  • Physical disks are shown incorrectly as offline if an LVM snapshot is taken.


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